About Us


What Do We Mean By "Exclusive HOA Management?"

 In Utah there are a lot of Property Management Companies that also manage Associations.  Just like going to an attorney that specializes in Association Law, or a doctor that specializes in the condition you have, using an Association Management Company that exclusively focuses on HOA's will get you the best results.  We do not manage rental properties, so we do not manage your Association like a rental.  We help Boards Preserve, Protect, and Enhance homeowner value according to your governing documents and applicable law. 


What We Do

 We handle it all.  We know HOA Management - it's all we do!  Each Association is a little different and we can package our services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.  We don't lock you into a long term contract because when things are done right, Clients don't leave.  


Knowledge, Experience, Action

We have over 20 years experience managing Associations in Utah as well as in other States.  We know what should and should not be done.  Ever hired a management company that was great with their sales pitch only to be disappointed later?  We are very different from those other companies.  Knowledge, experience, and action are key to everything we do!  Check out the testimonials.

Our Standard Services

Agent Duties

 · Pay Association Expenses

· Process mail & other correspondence related to the Association

· Prepare & send statements

· Maintain accounting records

· Receive & process payments from owners

· Reconcile all bank accounts

· Fund reserve account according to the approved budget

· Prepare financial statements for Board meetings which shall include but are not limited to Balance Sheet, Income & Expense Sheet, Aging Delinquency, Aged Payables, Bank Statements & Reconciliation

· Monthly on-site visits to monitor compliance of the governing documents 

· Prepare & send appropriate notices for non-compliance issues in accordance with the Associations Fine Policy & other governing documents

· Facilitate/Execute collection of delinquent assessments in accordance to the Associations Collection Policy

· Work with legal counsel when necessary for collections or any other legal counsel necessary

· Prepare for meetings including but not limited to Board Meetings, Annual Meetings, Special Meeting, Budget Meetings, etc.

· Attend Board Meetings

· Prepare Annual Budget

· Prepare Board packets that shall include financial reports, agenda an any other material necessary to conduct the meeting no less than 2 business days prior to the meeting

· Prepare & mail appropriate notices & meeting packets for the communities Annual Meeting

· Coordinate maintenance of the Common Area & Limited Common Area

· Coordinate & monitor appropriate insurance coverage for the Association

· Prepare email bulletins as needed to communicate with the community

· Work with vendors to schedule maintenance of the Association

· Oversee vendors ensure work is performed in accordance to the contract

· Coordinate the maintenance of a web portal

· Point of contact for Owners

· Liaison for Title Companies, Vendors, Real Estate Agents

· Maintain a 24-hour emergency phone service to address situations that pose common area property