True Full Service

We know Associations.  We have learned what services are expected to be included in Full Service Management.  We have a list of our standard services in our "About Us" section.  We have found that when communities go out for bids, frequently our competitors will give a quote that isn't truly what you were looking for.  They will nickel and dime Associations for all the little and big things that were not included in the bid.  We attend meetings and give advice to our Boards based on many years of experience.  We truly wish that there were licensing requirements in Utah as many of our competitors would not qualify as true Association Management Companies.  When anyone says that their experience as a Realtor or rental Property Manager prepared them to manage your Association, be cautious.  See some of what we have experienced in the "Why Not Them" section below.


Why Not Them

When we take on new clients, we spend a good amount of time going over everything from the financials to the compliance with current Association related laws and regulations.  We have seen some very disappointing situations.  These are a few of the findings we uncovered with new clients who were previously managed by our competitors:

  • Low to no reserve funds - although almost every new client we take on has reserve funding issues, some are in very scary territory.  One didn't even have a reserve fund, and had been managed by a rental Property Management company for 30+ years.  Owners couldn't get insurance because the roofs were so bad.  Asphalt companies wouldn't repair potholes because they said it needed ripped out and replaced.  The landscape trees and shrubs hadn't been trimmed in many years and were in rough shape.  Rain gutters were falling off because the fascia and soffits were rotten and falling off the buildings.  Another community had known about major settling issues yet had not set aside funds to lift foundations and fix the problem, so a special assessment had to be done.  We do not let our clients get to that point.  Sometimes that means Boards have to make difficult and even painful decisions, but they do what's right for their community or we don't want them as a client.  Harsh, but true. 
  • Suspect Accounting Practices - many times we find a lot of questionable accounting practices had been in place prior to us taking them on.  One had a $60k error, showing more money in their accounts than actually existed, creating a false sense of security.  Another had been paying for things that were not theirs.  One had been paying for a phone line for 12 years, for a gate that had never been operable.  Many are doing things the governing documents say are wrong.  Some had not filed taxes in years.  One company had been charging each and every one of their clients for the management company's payroll taxes.  Keep in mind that these examples all come from Associations we took from competitors.
  • Conflict of Interest - some management companies own their own landscape and/or pool maintenance companies.  Others will manage rentals in Associations they manage.  We have seen management companies owning their own insurance division and even filing legal paperwork as if they were an attorney.  We believe that this leads to less accountability and ultimately costs more for a lesser result.  
  • Accounting Only - while many sell their services as 


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